Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Christmas morning

Pictures from our Christmas morning that include stocking treasures, opening gifts, and playing with Serenity. I adore the pics of the girls playing Barbies because I know Nan was smiling down at them.

Christmas time

We had Christmas at Grammy's a few weeks early. Everyone was happy with their Lego's from Grammy. That morning we had Santa breakfast at St Anns too. Here are a few pics from the Christmas program at Holy Family.

Monday, February 24, 2014

It's about time.........

Well Kenz has guilted me into posting some updates. When asked about the suggested content, of course the reply was "me". I guess I will start recent and work back. So what has Kenz been up to? Gymnastics has always remained our one constant. She just had her mini meet and she is currently in advanced yellow at Jump Start. Here's a few pics of that. Along with gymnastics we decided to give basketball a try this year. We have heard great things about the PGSL basketball program and it has proved true to us. Kenzee has a great coach and the whole team is so encouraging to the beginners. Kenz has scored a couple baskets and really gained confidence this season.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

the leg

Ok, fair warning, this is going to be a long post full of nasty pictures. I want everything in one place. So if you aren't up for it, hit that red x in the upper right corner. So on Friday feb 8th, I stopped at the Hardees in Morton to get the free breakfast sandwich they owed me for messing mine up twice a few months earlier. I decide it will be easier to explain if i just go in. Thinking I will just run in, I left my phone in the car, step out of my car with my right foot and slip on a patch of black ice. I go to drag my left leg around as its twisted behind me and immediately notice that my foot is dangling. ummmm, not good. i can't get up, nobody around, phone not in reach. wait a few minutes, car pulls through drive thru and i flag him down and ask him to go in the store to get an employee. i seriously thought he was not going to do it. anyway, guy comes out, looks at me, says he has to get manager. he comes back out and says she is starting paperwork and says he is going to help me get up and back in my car. i tell him there is no way i am going to be able to help lift myself as im still on ice and cant put any weight on the left leg. he picks me up, i end up putting pressure on both legs to get back in my car. the manager comes out and proceeds to stand there and fill out paperwork with me in extreme pain and in the freezing cold. she asks where i am going, (no offer to call ambulance) and i say i guess i will drive down to the medpoint. i call medpoint to tell them to meet me outside with a wheelchair. the nurse comes out looks at my leg and says we aren't moving you, we are calling an ambulance. so they call an ambulance, dr comes out and agrees and they stay with me until ambulance gets there. apparently they were afraid i was about to pass out, my bp was thru the roof. the ambulance gets there, splints me in my car and puts me on a stretcher. of course i refused their pain meds because they were iv and amy wasn't there to hold my hand :)chad and amy meet me at the er where they gave me pain meds, did xrays, splinted me, and just kept me for who knows how long. i go home with a referral for ortho and sleep as much as i can. kenz had a gymnastics meet the next day that she was super excited about so chad and court went to that while mom and dan came to "babysit" me. the funny part look what mom did the night before. awesomeness runs in the family, what can i say. So we had an appt on Monday and an appt on Thursday where we scheduled surgery for the next day. Unfortunately when I got there and all prepped, my Dr came in and said it was still too swollen, they would put an external fixator on and hope that swelling was down enough to do surgery next week. First, presurgery even though it was just a quick surgery, my pain was through the roof and I ended up being admitted for 2 days. here's a pic of the external fixator in the hospital at home, finally, on sunday we headed back to the dr on Tuesday for him to evaluate the swelling and decided he would do the surgery the next day (Wed 2/20) surgery was scheduled for the afternoon until they called about 8 am and asked if i could come in right away, they had some cancellations. chad convinced me and we all (chad, amy, and I) headed that way. we got all checked in and prepped and then waited a couple hours to go back. I just remember waking up in recovery and being told i was "eating them (drugs)alive" as long as i was still breathing and in pain, keep giving me painkillers. here's a look at my new hardware 15 screws and 3 plates. I guess one leg was worse and one better than they thought. Once my pain was under control, we were on our merry way. i came home and felt pretty good after 2 days and was ready to go back to work, i thought. unfortunately, my body had a pretty bad reaction with the strong ab from surgery and it eliminated all the "good bacteria". it's really hard to recover and have any energy when you can't eat/digest anything. I'm still recovering from that. slowly but surely. Yesterday I had my splint off, staples out, more xrays, and a pink cast on (per Kenz's request). these next ones are pretty bad.... so that's where we are in this journey, the cast for 4 weeks and then evaluating how much longer before i can begin to bear some weight on it. so, i think the worst parts are over, now it's just making adjustments to life and doing as the dr says!

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Bert's thanksgiving turkey play

November miscellany

kenz with great grandma and grandpa bushell at the veterans day breakfast that we attend every year.kenzee just looking cuteblaine, davis, and aunt chrissy during a very intense gameand kenz knocked out after all of the excitement of DISNEY On ICE